B's Blogs July 10, 2023

I Love Lake of the Isles Living

Today I want to share a few reasons I love living in the Lake of the Isles Neighborhood. Okay, I love the different restaurants to enjoy food, and it’s all walking distance. Isles Buns is locally owned, and everything they make is from scratch. They use real ingredients. The puppy dog tails are insanely delicious! The second reason is Birch Book store. They have an incredible selection of quality books, and specialize in indigenous authors. The third reason I love the area is the simplicity of being in nature and on the water. It’s hard to believe that minutes away is downtown Minneapolis. Below are a few questions a good friend asked me and my responses to them.

What initially attracted you to the Lake of the Isles Neighborhood when you were looking for a place to live?

Proximity to restaurants, grocery store, lakes and bike trails. I romanticized living in the area when I moved to Minneapolis in 2006. I loved the older homes mixed in with modern ones, and enjoyed seeing people outside exercising and enjoying picnics.

What kind of unique amenities do you think make living in this part of Minneapolis so appealing?

The ease of walking or biking in nature to grocery store, restaurants, and visiting friends while being minutes to interstate and downtown Minneapolis. This area is the perfect blend of wanting both an urban lifestyle & living in nature.

What type of food options are available nearby and what drew you into trying them out?

Anything you want! I will list a few of my close faves!

  • Wakame is fantastic for sushi, noodles, curies, pot stickers, and more.

  • Kenwood is cozy and the menu is a balance of foods I crave (pulled pork sandwich, pasta, fries, and brunch)

  • Isles Buns serves homemade cinnamon buns made from scratch, and a variety of other pastries.

In your opinion, what makes Birch Book Store different from other bookstores in the area?

The staff. I read books that I wouldn’t pick on my own and am learning about Native American culture & stories.

How has the convenience and beauty of being near nature enhanced your experience living in this neighborhood?

Being so close to the lake has been so important to my overall state of being. I love water and trees, and being able to walk next to them makes me feel at home.

So grab a bun, lace up your walking shoes, and enjoy Lake of the Isles living friends!