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4 Steps to Crush Your Goals

Can you believe 92% of people who set New Year’s Goals do not accomplish them?  That means only 7% do- WTH?  Let’s face it friend- you are a creature of habit, and like being comfortable.  Your brain is wired to keep you comfortable, and on the path of least resistance.  The other piece is we trick ourselves into thinking if we throw it out into the universe it will appear magically in front of us.  You are busy, have a lot of interests, and it’s so easy to get side tracked with all your good intentions.  

The good news is; it’s reversible with a few adjustments.  I set a big goal for myself in December right before the holidays to be a health coach.  I researched different school’s programs, and decided on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 6 month program. I had a lot on my plate when I made the commitment, and knew I needed support to graduate. Over the course of 7 months, I made a plan & enrolled support to insure I’d realize my goal.  And….today I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and know the steps below work!

Are you ready to accomplish your biggest goals?

  1. Create your goal.  Be specific & think BIG SCARY KINDA GOAL!  This is an important step that is often overlooked.  It is so much easier to say what we don’t want, but few get clear on what they do want.  When thinking of a big goal, think of something you’d like to do if time, money, resources, and energy were available.  Here’s an example:  A goal might be to exercise more. To make this more specific a change might be: Run 5K in 30 minutes by end of year.  We can make this more specific, and say:  During the month of August, I will walk briskly everyday for 30 minutes.  During the month of September, I will walk/run for 30 minutes everyday for 30 minutes.  Then continue to set a goal each month until you accomplish your goal!  This detailed plan takes worry off your plate, minimizes setbacks, and makes your big goal manageable & not so scary! 

  2. Create buzz & excitement by sharing with people close to you.  Tell your best friend, your husband, parents, and kiddos!  Join coaching groups, and/or look for a mastermind group to support you.  Behavior change is scary; you need support!

  3. Recognize the traps of procrastination & feeling overwhelmed. It’s an easy trap to fall victim to, and can be avoided when the following steps are in place:

    • Prioritization.  If you are working toward a goal, you must prioritize with actions to support it daily.  Daily slower steps lead to big results; not rushing at the last minute.

    • Start with the end in mind.  It’s so much easier to reverse engineer.  If you want to launch a course for example, what do you want the participant to walk away with upon completion?  What will they be able to do or accomplish as a result of your course?  Once you are clear, you can start to fill in the blanks & prioritize the steps that need to happen.

    • Put actions into your daily calendar.  The steps you are now clear on, as a result of prioritization & starting with the end in mind, are put into your calendar.  Set aside several hours (length of time will vary based on the goal you’ve created) to work on the action steps.  The trap to avoid is writing and relying on a “to do list”.  A “to do” list is great for simple tasks like running to the grocery store, but it’s not recommended for the things that are most important to you- like accomplishing your goals.

    • Take mini breaks.  This will keep your energy level consistent, and give your brain a chance to renew.  You’ll train yourself to be less distracted (aka multitask) this way, too! I suggest going for a walk, doing sit ups/push ups, prepping for dinner, listening to music and dancing, or anything that gets you on your feet moving!

  4. As you set out to accomplish your goals, it’s important to embrace the attitude of a lifelong learner.  By diving into podcasts, conversations, books, and articles- you are using your curiosity & learning strengths to keep your motivation high.  It’s easy in the beginning to be excited to reach your goal (think New Year’s goal setter), but as it wears off you’ll rely on a live to learn mentality to keep you moving forward.


Take time to envision your goals!  Grab your journal, or open your computer to begin.  Sit outside, and start writing.  Remember- if time, money, resources, and energy were unlimited; what do you want to accomplish?

  • What are 3 goals you have for next week?What are 3 goals you have for this month?

  • What are 3 goals you have for this quarter?

  • What are 3 goals you have for this year?

  • What are 3 goals you have for next year?

  • What are 3 goals you have for the next 2 years?


Who do you know that can benefit from today’s blog post? By sharing it, you create your own accountability & buddy group!

I am here to support you, and I believe in you crushing your goals! Need support? Check out Yes Health Coaching Group. We start on July 30th, and space is limited to 8 spots! Reserve your’s today!

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