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What’s Going On With My Skin?

A health check in:

What is going on with my skin?

If you’ve ever experienced acne, rosacea, flaky skin- you know the feeling of not wanting to leave your house because of it.  I was raised to treat my skin challenges topically or with a pill (birth control).  I am a big believer in getting facials, and I love skincare products.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I experienced my biggest skin shifts.  I changed what I was eating.  My puffy eyes disappeared, and my skin was so so soft. My skin wasn’t not soft- but this was a new level.  

Skin Mapping is an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine technique. The concept is your skin is a reflection of your overall health. Various zones on your face reveal the condition of specific organs. This technique helps you treat beyond the surface to the underlying cause.

  • TEMPLES AND BROW LINE. These areas correlate to your kidneys. Any issues in these areas might be a sign of dehydration and/or overworked kidneys.  Low back pain goes hand-in- hand with these symptoms.  Drink more water & be sure to include superfoods such as kale, spinach, berries, and algae in your diet.

  • UNDER THE EYES. This area mirrors the health of your kidney, stomach, and liver. Puffiness or dark circle?  It’s time to reduce your alcohol, caffeine, and sugar in your diet. Add more detoxifying tea & water, and a great night’s sleep.

  • BRIDGE OF NOSE AND UPPER AREA OF CHEEKS. This area is connected to your heart. Rashes like rosacea are common here.  Saturated fats tend to be the culprit.  Instead, add healthy fats loaded with omega fatty acids that boost your HDL (happy cholesterol digits) while reducing your LDL (frowning face emoji digits).  I love raw nuts (not the entire jar; a handful), avocado, salmon (know the source of where it comes from), flaxseed, and chia seeds.

  • MIDDLE REGION OF THE CHEEKS.  This area is a window to the stomach & lungs. Rosacea as well as breakout + hyper pigmentation are big in this area. Common allergens like wheat and dairy can be linked to these skin reactions.  Work on alkalizing your body with green veggies, and reducing acid-forming foods like alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.

  • LOWER CHEEKS AND NOSE. This area is connected to the liver and stomach.  You’ll notice wrinkles and breakouts & can usually be blamed on food intolerances and toxic buildup. Time to clean up your diet, and experiment with homemade veggie juice (not store bought).  The bottom line is to create an approach that is sustainable for you.

  • MOUTH REGION. This area is connected to the stomach. Food sensitivities & toxic buildup.  You may want to try a gentle detox or an elimination diet & add more green veggies + fiber to your meal.

  • JAW LINE. This area is a gateway to your ovaries, and / or colon.  Breakouts here can be triggered by hormonal stress, especially women.  Most of my skin challenges have always been in this region!! While having your period, include a lot of greens & hydrating foods.  Try a balanced, low-glycemic diet of lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats.  Manage your stress, and be sure you’re getting quality rest.

  • FOREHEAD. This area is aligned with your liver & gallbladder.  Excessive fat consumption and/or too much alcohol may cause breakouts in this area. Minimize rich foods, and alcohol, and drink plenty of herbal tea & fresh water.  Milk thistle and burdock root are often used to help support liver and gallbladder health.

Need help supporting your skin health?  I offer health coaching, and my program can help you reach your skin health goals!

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XO- Brandyn