B's Blogs April 9, 2020

Top 10 Relationship Tips

My husband, Mario, and I are adapting (some days better than others), to a 24/7 under the same roof schedule these days. The COVID-19 way of life has been challenging, and being the sole provider of serving each others’ needs hasn’t been so bad.

Today we celebrate our 10 year anniversary; April 9th.  Wow- time is flying by so quickly! We met in the fall of 2006 after my move to Minneapolis, MN. A mutual friend introduced us at an inconvenient time in my life. I was growing a business, recently separated, and had received news months before my move that I faced a kidney transplant in my near future! But- love is love; and you can’t deny it. We made it through a big year! In the fall of 2007, Mario became my kidney donor, and post recovery; I sold my shares in my business. I went from experiencing the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I felt emotionally conflicted for months. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga hope entered back into my heart. This was the moment I listened to God, and knew I needed to do some spiritual housecleaning! Mario remained steady, and reassuring to me during these hard & dark days. We opened a yoga studio together, married in 2010, and have created a wonderful life together. We are proud parents of two French Bulldogs, Doug & Leon, and made the decision to not have kiddos. With my health history it didn’t make sense. We love traveling, and have visited some amazing places. We both fell in love with Japan, Switzerland, Austria, and northern Italy!

Our relationship has given me space + opportunities to learn a lot about myself, and how to be a healthy partner to him.   Mario has taught me ALOT about healthy relationships (how to be non-judgmental, create time to hang with friends, and do fun things). Some of my best memories with him are with other people.  Last summer, we visited his father’s side of the family in Trento, Italy.  The generational love, the homemade food, and just the overall simplicity of creating a lifestyle which supports being with people we love.

Today I share our (yes Mario was part of the list) top 10 tips, and a handout for you to discover your love language. 

Our Top 10 Relationship Tips

10. Pursue separate hobbies (cycling for him, and power yoga for me)
9. Go after mutual passions & activities (travel, cook, French bulldogs, music)
8. Encourage a life outside of each other (boy/girl weekends, retreats, family)
7. Laugh a lot (at yourself)
6. Share house and yard work (toilets, laundry, dishes, weeds, mowing)
5. Respect each other’s eating choices (rice bowl for me, chicken & veg for him)
4. Acceptance of each other with an understanding that change is inevitable
3. Lean on each other’s strengths (product creation for him; human behavior for me)
2. Praise works better than picking (smiles, hugs, words)
1. Celebrate your milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, career, health)

Hope our list inspires you to create one for you, and your’s.

Please comment below, and let me know your relationship tip, or a wish you have for our 10 years!

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