B's Blogs March 25, 2020

Three Ways to Boost Your Mood

Everything you want boils down to a choice: you are either a yes, or a no. Yes has energy, and movement. Yes implies you are open to growth, and will figure it out as I go. Yes is the way to boosting your mood starting right now. Every single day, start with this simple exercise, to boost your mood. I’ve used this for years, and sometimes multiple times a day. It works.


Step 1: What are you a yes for?

Step 2: What lie/story/fear do you need to give up, in order to create your yes?

Step 3: I am ready now (say to yourself).

I am a yes for:

I am a yes for connection to my clients, and email subscribers! I am a yes for being a resource and coach to women business owners wanting to better their health. I am a yes for my health and wellness.

I give up the fear, the lie, and story

My content is boring, unoriginal, and no one will find value in it. There are so many coaches in the marketplace; no one will pick me. Working out today will not influence my crappy mood.



Please comment below, and share your 3 choices! Support me, and forward this to your friends. Let’s create positivity in our choices together.



I am adding yoga classes on my iTunes playlist labeled “Yoga Classes”.

Comment below, and let me know of other classes you are interested in.

Check out my collection of songs & playlists as well.

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