B's Blogs March 9, 2020

So Fail So Good

Last summer I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Laura Roos, So Fail So Good, about the failures in my life.  When Laura asked me to be part of her podcast, I was really concerned about saying the wrong thing & how I would be perceived as a result.  I knew I was going to be honest & share some really hard stuff that has happened to me.  I haven’t lived a perfect life; actually quite the opposite.  So to talk about it, and how I see my failures shaping who I am today was challenging.  So what motivated me to do it in spite of my fears?  To inspire others who might relate & let them know they are resilient & can do anything they want.  And- to really step into owning “all of me”: my failures and my wins are both the best of me.  No shame, no judgement…it’s just me doing me.