B's Blogs February 18, 2020

Invest in yourself to increase your productivity

Like you, I’m living life; full time. There are the same amount of hours in everyday, yet somedays are more productive than others. I started getting curious as to the reasons behind this. Did I do something differently on one day, and not the next? I started to see a theme: When I took great care of myself, my productivity soared in every area of my life. I hope by sharing my tips, you will create ones that work for you, too!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

-Albert Einstein

Eat food to create health:

It always starts here. Fill your body with real food; limit processed food. Eat veggies, low glycemic fruits, whole grains, protein, nuts & seeds, and healthy fats. Drink gobs of water (½ of your body weight in oz. / day), supplement based on your needs, limit alcohol & coffee, and ditch refined sugar. Listen to your body as there is no one diet that works. We are each different, and have unique needs.


Sleep is the most important thing you can do to increase your productivity! The body needs between 7-9 hours every night. Your body repairs itself in the evening, your heart rate slows, inflammation decreases, and reduces stress (to name a few)! Unplug from your devices 1 hour before bedtime, dim the lights in your home, reflect on your day in writing, take a hot shower or bath, and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Going to bed & waking up around the same time will support your body’s circadian rhythm, and support your sleep patterns.

Create a Weekly Morning Ritual.

Set your alarm, and get out of bed early. I like 5A M-F. This is a great time to workout, write, plan out your day, and give yourself space to be in control of your day! I’ve never had a bad day as a result of getting up early.

Align your actions to bigger goals.

Invest your time doing the things that you are best at in the world. If you are spending your time doing tasks that do not support your bigger purpose, growing yourself & team, connecting with other like-minded people, sharing your gift to the world, etc….- it’s time to figure out a plan to get support. Otherwise, burnout is on the way because you will bury yourself in the details!

Take Breaks.

Set your timer and give yourself short breaks throughout your day! Go for a 5 minute walk, do sit up’s, dance to a few songs, grab a handful of nuts, fold the laundry…….do something to revitalize your brain.

Clean up your space at end of day.

It’s simple way to get closure at the end of your work day. It feels energetically great to start your following day with a tidy, and clutter free space.

Take time to reflect.

What was a win? What are you proud of creating? What can you learn from today? What actions do you commit to doing tomorrow? What are you grateful for?

Enjoy reaping the rewards of taking care of yourself, and aligning your actions to the things that yield the best results.