B's Blogs February 9, 2020

Insight Without Action is Worthless

This week’s conversation stems from the quote by Marie Forleo “Insight without action is worthless”.  It inspired me to take a closer look at my life awhile back.   Where do I have a deep understanding or an intuition that I am doing nothing about?  It’s so easy to get the insight, and be so busy & dismiss it for later, or be too scared to listen to it. 

My intuition was pulling me to put my health first so I can build a profitable online business that supports my creativity, and gives me time to be with my family.  Instead of listening to it, I continued to add more things to my schedule that sorta aligned to this, but not 100%. The reasons in my head had a strong hold on me to defy my insight, and therefore; no new action. 

Insight without action is the pathway to the past

The first thing I had to do was hard; put action behind the insight!  I had to start saying no to opportunities that didn’t 100% align with my purpose.  To my friends out there who want instant gratification; this didn’t happen overnight!  It’s a process of several things happening, and not exactly in a linear line.  I talked about my challenges to my closest friends & family, created my purpose, dropped the shitty stories about my value, created measurable goals, aligned & paid people who can teach me the skills I need to reach my goals, figured out the money I need, and the rest is history.