B's Blogs January 11, 2020

2020 Wellness Trends

I am an advocate for staying up to date on the latest wellness trends. As a kidney transplant recipient, staying healthy is always top of mind. One year ago, I started doing an elimination diet (removing anti-inflammatory foods and beverages), and I felt amazing. My journey lead me to enroll in Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching Program. As a result of the program, my wellness radar is on high alert! I’m learning diets do not work. There are many positive benefits to all of them (vegetation, keto, vegan, etc)- but not one way works for every-body. We are all unique, and the secret is to pay attention to what works best for you. And the big “a-ha” is how work, relationships, and spiritual life all tie into how we are eating. I’m diving into so many topics that my head is exploding, and I am excited to continue to share with you. I hope you enjoy my 2020 Wellness Trends list.

  1. Meditation. There is no denying the benefits of this age old practice. Studies continuously show it improves focus, clarity, creativity, and the list goes shows numerous health benefits. Check out my favorite scientist’s work; Dr. Richard Davidson of Center for Healthy Mind in University of Madison in Wisconsin. Watch Ted Talk

  2. Plant Based Meat. The popularity of plant-based meat is increasing exponentially. Many fast food/fast-casual restaurants including Burger King, Denny’s, Del Taco and even TGI Fridays added meat alternatives to their menus. Beyond and Impossible meats became even available at thousands of supermarkets. 

    But this is far more than a passing trend. Rather, it’s an indication of how important wellness has become to society as a whole. We are thinking differently. Even for those who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, choosing plant-based meats can be a far better choice than a typical burger (especially when it comes to fast food). 

    This is also a sign that we are becoming a more eco-conscious society. In December 2019, World Animal Protection reported that 250k animals are being saved annually due to the increasing availability of plant-based substitutes. In the next decade, brands like Impossible and Beyond will continue to expand their reach, as competition also hits the market. In the upcoming year, even more food products like fish will become available. (credit to: Jennifer Cohen)

  3. New Tech is boosting our Health Awareness. My personal thanks to the Apple Watch as I now know the number of steps I take, my heart rate, calories burned during a workout, and carry my medical chart with me. Here are a few to explore!

  4. Hydro-Therapy: Take a hot shower? Be sure to end with a cool rinse at the end. If you have access to a spa, Turkish bath house, be sure to take advantage of their hot and cold water options. Think hot tub soak, and taking a cold plunge following. Your heart rate increases, lymph and blood circulate. It helps to loosen tense, tight muscles, while encouraging relaxation. It also increases the metabolic rate and the digestion activity. Hydrotherapy hydrates body cells while improving skin and muscle tone. And hydrotherapy boosts the immune system, thus enhancing its efficiency.

  5. High Quality Ingredients. Think local, and support farmers’ markets! I don’t know about you, but the fruit & veggies I’m tasting at grocery stores are losing their quality. I was in northern Italy several months, and tasted a tomato. OH MY GOSH- I was gushing! The flavor was magical. It was a wake up call for me to find higher quality & local ingredients because they taste better; bottom line. Also, seek out Nutrient dense foods; think Whole Foods. If you are going to eat sugar, make it unrefined. Pack close to half of your dinner plate with lots of green veggie, a quarter of the plate with complex carbs, add in healthy fats plus legumes, and know the source of fish, and poultry.

  6. Be Social. Get out and mingle with your friends, be involved in community gatherings, and attended spiritual services. In communities researched all over the world, including the US, the study proves one secret to living a longer & healthier life is spending time with your friends +. neighbors, and family.

  7. Gut Health. Studies now show our gut microbiome is responsible for keeping us healthy. This was new to me last year, and it’s all the rage now! I’m learning a lot from Dr. Mark Hyman. Check his article out here!

  8. In Home Studio Workouts. Fitness equipment has become more sophisticated bringing top instructors into your home. Peloton has become the most popular, and a new kid in town; Hydrow is making an impact. Think high end rowing machine delivering real life experience with an instructor!

My hope is you found some inspiration, and will continue to invest in time for yourself. Cheers to your 2020 Wellness Journey Friends!