B's Blogs November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving Traditions and the Season of Gratitude

You know that feeling when something “goes your way”, like discovering money in your coat pocket, or uncover a missing glove on a cold morning. The smile on your face might be quick, but what you bring to the surface is your strength of gratitude. “Thank you for being on my side today!”

Research shows that finding more opportunities to connect the things, moments, and people in your life with this grateful feeling can decrease stress, improve self-esteem, and overall make you a happier, more resilient person.

And, what’s even better: you can stumble across gratitude in the ordinary things versus the grand gestures of appreciation to notice the benefits of this strength.

Today- thank your spouse or partner for folding the laundry, or give praise to your co-worker for their contribution on a team project. Think of that delicious lunch as something to be thankful for. Find gratitude in your health for simple things, like being able to run outside with your child, or having the strength to carry all of your groceries into the house in one trip. The key is to start noticing the small things, and instead of taking them for granted, giving them a moment of appreciation for making your life just a little bit sweeter.

Join our Instagram “yes for gratitude challenge” & spend one week focusing on the little gifts in your life, then watch how those little gifts multiply and grow…

LiveYourYes Gratitude Challenge

We say “yes” to Thanksgiving traditions….enjoy!

Ready for some simple moments worth celebrating? Read on for a few gratitude-worthy sentiments from the LYY Community. Inspired? Share yours in the comments, below!!

“My family likes to keep things small for Thanksgiving. There aren’t a lot of people at our dinner table, but there’s certainly plenty of food. My dad takes brussel sprouts to another level… every year, he tops them with parmesan and toasted walnuts. Yum! – Erikca

“Our Thanksgiving tradition is pretty much the same every year. Folks come to our house, and we cook up a huge meal. We go around the table and talk about “news & goods”.  One new thing that happened to us this year, one good thing that has happened to each of us this year, and one thing we are thankful for. “ -Jeff

“I love staying active as a way of practicing gratitude for my body.  I either begin the day with a yoga class at a local studio or a fun Thanksgiving run!” -Anne

“We host at my house.  It’s small but cozy, and there are typically about 16 people gathered around a makeshift large table. A small fire in the fireplace sets the cozy mood. Fam shows up about 4 for a cocktail hour. I make an assortment of craft cocktails to order and we cram ourselves into our living room to enjoy. I’ve been handed down a vintage rotisserie. It was my grandfathers. He had it in the deli/sandwich shop he owned in Laguna Beach, CA where my dad grew up. Thing works like a charm & makes this wonderful clicking sound as the bird or the roast rotates inside. My wife cooks everything else: brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, twice baked mashed potatoes, etc. My mom brings fresh pesto- a tradition we picked up from our Italian friends in San Fran when I was kid.  Dinner is fast, but slowed by a simple question that everyone has to answer: What are you most thankful for this year. Inevitably it ends with some grateful tears, and shy smiles with kind eyes.” – Josh

“We go on a big family walk after our meal!” – Megan

I am grateful to each of you for being part of my growing path, and your continued support with Live Your Yes.  Each of you contribute a lot of heart and soul to the communities you serve, and I am appreciative of your contribution to me.  It’s always a pleasure to work alongside of you, bump into you at coffee shops, in between yoga classes, or attending a LYY event.

In Gratitude,