B's Blogs July 23, 2018

Want Different Results? Try Something New!

Hey Yes Community!

The question I’m getting lately is “How can you be a YES, and still honor your boundaries?”

One of the special gifts we have as humans is the power to communicate and change our mind.  No other species can do this, so your ability to make decisions is your gift. Therefore your word, is a direct reflection of what you stand for in your life.  This is a pretty big statement when you stop and think about it. So back to how to honor your boundaries…

The word boundary as I am using it implies an imaginary or real line that marks a limit.  When you are clear with what you want in your life (Your YES), you set boundaries so you can create & receive it. The flip side is if you aren’t clear, then you react and are all over the place.  The results are being depleted, burn out, and loss of vitality. You start receiving and reacting to the needs and demands of everyone else. Before you know it- you say NO to things, and people who energize you because you’re mentally drained. 

Create from your YES.
Yes implies movement forward, and your creativity plus vitality start flowing. Yes is an energy, and a commitment to your bigger possibility or your why. 

What are your YES’S?  
What matters most in your life? What activities support your vitality, creativity, and bring energy you?  Mine:  Health, Family + Best Friends, and Work.  

Now What?
Put your YES into ACTION.  What are the first 2 action steps you will take this month to LIVE your YES? Write it down.

Your Story.
Beware of your self doubt, and excuses blocking you from living your yes. Identify the “story” that you are NOT good enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.  – and write it down.

MY Yes Declaration
I created a worksheet so you can write all the above down, and carry it with you.  Calendar your actions, and take a picture of your worksheet, so I can see what you are up to, too!  Post it on your Instagram feed, tag @liveyouryes, and #liveyouryes! You’ll be entered to win a 1 day juice cleanse from Truce Juice!