B's Blogs July 23, 2018

Social Media 101 for Your Business

Hey Yes Community!

Why use social media to grow your business?

We learned a lot about using social media to grow our business at our recent Coffee & Conversation with Erika Voeller (social media + content guru)!  Social media is an ever-changing platform, and staying current with the in’s and out’s of how to use it is super beneficial in using your time + resources wisely.  Here are a few of our take-away’s from the conversation:

Create consistency with your posts.
We love the mantra “Consistency builds trust”.  Step 1: Figure out how often you will post. Step 2: Create content buckets on topics you are THE EXPERT. 3.Organize a content calendar on your CEO DAY 4.Use your brand mission statement, vision, and core values to guide you.  

Remember the Rule of Thirds.
1/3 informative (blog posts, thought leadership, industry updates).
1/3 Promotional (offers, downloads, coupons, sales + subscriptions).
1/3 Fun (employee photos/videos, jokes and memes, GIFs, contests + giveaways) 

What to post; you ask?  
Know your Target Audience Friends! You gotta know your audience: what drives them, and their pain points. Ask yourself, “Does this post benefit them?”

Dig into your analytics!  The numbers will tell you what is and what isn’t working. Once you know what is working, create more similar posts!

Increase + retain followers on Instagram and Facebook
The Golden Rule applies to social media: do to others what you want done to you!  Spend time liking, sharing, and commenting on your followers posts. Build your digital community.
Post frequently + consistently. 
When your followers comment on your posts- comment back!  Share the love!

Marketing Tracking Worksheet + Resources
My Marketing & Marketing Worksheet helps you focus on what you want to create each month. 

Here are a few resources we love to support you:
Sproutsocial.com , Canva, Social Media ROI: What is it? How do I measure it?