B's Blogs May 24, 2018

Entrepreneurial You – Week 6

Overcoming Objections

Hey Friends – today it’s time to learn HOW to overcome your client’s objections when selling your services to them.

My “old school” way of selling was this formula: You + Like me = $$. Seemed easy enough so I put this formula into action for YEARS! The challenges with this formula were the amount of time it took my dream clients to like me, and the wasted energy + time I spent avoiding asking the real questions.

Now are all things in this formula bad? Actually, no. The best part of the formula was the trust built between myself and the client. I learned how to be patient, listen, eye contact, and giving the client space to be heard. Sometimes it worked and I was hired, and over time I crafted my skills. Here’s what I learned, and want to share with you!

Overcoming Objections:
Let them off gently: This is your way of saying you understand the quickest way for them to lose interest or trust in you is to push your services down their throat even though you know it will solve their problem.

You honor and respect they know what is best for their life and business. You thank them for their time, and move on to the next. You can always call them out by asking them if money wasn’t an object to working with you, would they consider investing in your service? Does your service move them from where they currently are, to where they want to be? If not – ask them what else is missing.

You can just do nothing! Sometimes they aren’t your dream client, and that’s okay. You can refer them to another expert! You can tell them even if it’s not you they work with, you will happily refer them to an expert who will.

Ask them straight up! Tell them you are a straight shooter and want them to help you out. What is it that your service isn’t offering to them. You can ask them what they are wanting to achieve that your service doesn’t provide. Ask if you are the right for for them. If their response points to you and your services, ask them what needs to happen to get them to say yes. Relate to them so they know you understand what it’s like to put all you have on the line. You’ve been in their shoes and get it. The reality is when you are all in, the payoff, and the results are life changing.

Always follow up the next day. Take what you heard them say, and follow up with them regarding it. You never know what a good night’s sleep can do to help both parties gain perspective.