B's Blogs May 17, 2018

Entrepreneurial You – Week 5

Take the Ick Out of Selling

Alright boss- today we’re having the conversation about M.O.N.E.Y.

Now here’s what I know about selling your services and products: it’s not personal. Yet; you make it personal. It’s easy to think when someone doesn’t pick up what you’re laying down; there is something wrong with you. The reality is; it has nothing to do with you. On that particular day and time when you offered your service to a prospective client, they might be distracted and not ready. Most of our dream clients dream about a life better with your service, but haven’t necessarily made the decision to do it.

Clients are typically not ready to change when we approach them with our product or service. The next time you are selling to your dream client, be prepared to address the following:

1. What problems and challenges are they allowing to persist that, if changed would radically improve their results?

2. What do they lose by not making these changes? Money? Clients? Market Share? Maybe all of the above? Remember when speaking to your dream client, always thank them for their TIME. Getting someone’s time is a non-renewable resource they can’t get back. Before jumping in and talking about yourself and/or service- ask your client to talk about the struggles or challenges they are currently facing. As they speak, it may help to jot down a few key things they are saying. I find this helpful to stay present with them, versus trying to fix what they are telling me. Once your client is finished speaking, acknowledge them generously. You want your clients to feel that you get their concern, and pain points! This is often overlooked: “Thank you so much for sharing with me _____________________. I understand what it feels like to __________.”

3. When dealing with your client’s objections to your service, remember “no” is “no for today”. It doesn’t mean it’s a “no” forever!

4. It’s not about the money. I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed this to be true. When someone really wants something, they find the money. People buy from people who “get them”. You are emotionally wired.  You buy with our emotions, not necessarily logic. When you truly believe your service will benefit their pain, they experience this from you, and stars align.

5. Desperation and neediness for money can be felt by the person you are selling. My mentor taught me years ago to act “as if” I had all the money in the world, then ask myself how I would come across when selling myself. I took this attitude on, and it worked. It’s an amazing shift when you don’t need something; you get it!

6. Consider when you’ve been on a lot of selling appointments and no one is hiring you.  Might be time to reevaluate the pricing of your service, and pitch (or both).