B's Blogs May 10, 2018

Entrepreneurial You – Week 4



I was introduced to this quote at my recent Baptiste Power Yoga’s Fit to Lead Program.  Baron asked each of us what it meant to us.  I sat with it. I thought about it. I’m still sitting with it.  I continue to be with it. I’ve sliced and diced this quote into several interpretations, and I am asking myself  “what am I making hard that can really be easy?”  My business coach, Kendrick, asked me this same question in February; but framed it a bit differently: What one thing can you focus and commit to be exceptional at, and what other things can you let go of?  At the time, I was full of pride sharing all the things I was busy creating, and doing.  I was speaking from the voice of someone who felt the need to prove that I am successful; versus knowing I am.  As a result of all my doing and creating for my business, I wasn’t taking care of myself: body, mind, and spirit.  I wasn’t on my yoga mat in community, and I was retracting from people when I wasn’t working. I felt proud I was on target to hit my revenue goal, but everything else felt hard.  Showing up with my natural vitality was starting to shift, and my coffee consumption was increasing. Life can “get this way” until it no longer is this way. The Rilke poem, my coach, Fit to Lead Program, and my body were asking me to let go of the hard way.  So- I am in the work of letting go of the hard way; and my clarity is rising. I am is in focus, and I am not is out of focus.

A simple approach to apply to your life (relationships, work, health, money, romance) is checking in with your language. Your language is an indicator of your thoughts. Your perception of whatever you are in gives the “thing” meaning. It’s not the thing; it’s the meaning you give it. Take your business as an example, what makes juggling so many things in a given day hard? Is it the “things” or is it your approach or perception of them?

This week’s 1 thing to focus on is tackling your profit and loss statement. I can hear your moans the second you read this! (insert emoji ) As the CEO of your business, it’s so important to know your numbers. The goal is to make more money than you spend! Seriously, though- if the thought of this brings up denial, and bad money vibes; you gotta clean this up. Remember to see the thing as thing; not the perception of it. The easy path leads to the hard life, and the hard path leads to the easy path.