B's Blogs April 26, 2018

Entrepreneurial You – Week 2


A new client or project come knocking on your door, and your gut reaction goes off?  You ignore the reaction, you look at your bank account, and say  “yes” to the new opportunity.  The short term payoff is you put money in your bank account. The long term payoff may cost you money, and leave you in a negative net income position. Hmm…An opportunity that only looks good on the green side, doesn’t mean it’s a good long term investment for your business.  As a small business owner or solopreneur, your resources are slim. You are the main producer of income, and sizing up an opportunity from all perspectives is a good way to run your business. Establishing boundaries to weigh opportunities against, is a great first step when looking at new business.  When an opportunity approaches, step one is aligning it against your mission and core values. Does said opportunity match? Will my values and mission solve said opportunities needs? If you are unsure, consider your mission and values need clarity. The goal is all the questions you filter the opportunity through equal a yes response.  The cost is costly to your business. Your business’s net results are exhaustion, lack of clients in pipeline, time to recoup and rebuild, and two unsatisfied parties.

I love teaching clients to say no more than they say yes.  Saying no takes confidence, and shows you have clarity with your business.  It tells the other person you care for their needs, and you only accept clients whose needs you are confident you can meet.  This creates immediate respect and trust between you and them. By networking with other businesses in your same field, you create a referral network.  It’s so gratifying to refer business to others, and adopts an abundance mindset.

What a refreshing and inspiring perspective to adopt.  You trust yourself and know when you say yes going forward, you are all in.  Your energy and love for your business will soar, and others will see you are living your mission.  


Love anything Brene Brown researches!  She is right on with her research on boundaries!

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