B's Blogs March 27, 2018

Finding Your Values – Week 1


What are core values? Why do I need to know them?

The skinny on what they are: Core Values are attributes and characteristics that best describe who you are in this world. They can also be qualities you aspire to have.

Pay attention to how people describe you if you are unsure! You might notice people close to you speak of your generosity, or integrity, or maybe your adventurous streak!

So then, why do I need to know my core values? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Consider when you are clear and connected with these values, you attract opportunities, people, and ideas that elevate your presence. The other cool part is you say yes to opportunities, people, and ideas that align with them, and no to the things do not. Values help your decision-making.


Research your core values! Ask a close friend, partner/spouse, colleague at work, and a family member what they rely on you for, what characteristics describe you, what is your superhuman power, and what are you doing when you are the happiest? Write down all the answers without judgment 🙂

After you’ve collected all your research, write all the words down on the same piece of paper. Look for reoccurring themes and combine them. Circle words that you connect with, and “X” out words that you don’t connect with so much. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, pick 3-5; and voila! You have core values!!!!

Join me next week for another exercise to illuminate your personal core values!

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