B's Blogs August 28, 2017

What A Handstand Taught Me


This isn’t your typical “how to article”, or me telling you; you should do a handstand! It’s actually my experience today when I took a heated power yoga class. Instead of grabbing lunch in the same fashion, I chose to let the morning’s make-up run down my face, and do yoga. Let me just say; the high at the end was better than lunch and an espresso!

I coach people for a living. What do I coach? I coach executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners “people”- to overcome their fears, doubts, old belief systems, and insecurities. Now- people don’t hire me asking me to coach them to overcome their fears; rather they want me to coach them to better communicators, engaged listener, leaders, stronger managers, and hone their time management skills. Get the picture?

The only way I’ve ever learned to overcome anything is to do things that truly make me scared!

So today’s handstand was my opportunity in disguise to overcome a fear of falling; losing control. Not only did I meet my fear “face to face”; I made a few new friends on the path. I met Courage and Connection. They stayed by my side as I left handstand, and continued to fuel my perspective for the rest of the day.

Take a few risks today, and see who you meet along the way!