B's Blogs August 28, 2017

Living Your Why

Living Your Why.png

As you begin planning your week, ask yourself one simple question: What is your why or purpose? If this isn’t clear, you are simply writing a bunch of words, organized into daily tasks. And over time, this can lead to burn out, and a sense of living your life without purpose.

Your why is simple: living your life with your core values steering the way. Knowing your core values is one thing; living them is something entirely different. When you live your core values, they are woven into your weekly to-do list. Otherwise, your core values become a bunch of words rattled off from time to time; and without purpose. And, your to-do list loses zeal, and focus.

When structuring your week, consider the week supports all areas of your life: career, money, health, friends + family, romance, personal growth, fun + recreation, and physical environment. This is really important as it leads you to living a life of fulfillment. It’s easy to fall in the trap of “I am too tired to do xyz”. Remember all areas of your life combine give you energy when they work together. It’s when we focus our energy on one area that leads to high levels of stress. Incorporating your core values into your weekly plan, starts with one simple question: “How am I l(insert core value) today?” An example would be: “How am I SERVING my colleagues today?”, “How am I GROWING today”. From this view point, your weekly plan becomes actional steps, that align with your deepest motivators.

What you can discover from applying this concept to your life are doing activities that are fulfilling, and motivating. You’ll work through your to-do’s with excitement so you have time to see friends, work creatively on a new project, or get outside for a few extra steps on a sunny day. At the end of the day, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction behind everything you do.

Please contact me for questions, clarity, or to work on your core values! I love sharing my knowledge, and hope my post will open a fun dialogue with others committed to living their life with meaning and purpose.